Public Schools

Many families choose to move to Mauldin because of the award winning public education. Greenville County schools continually earn the best SAT scores in the state and send record numbers of students to universities and colleges each year.

Mauldin Middle School, Bethel Elementary School, and Mauldin Elementary School have all been distinguished as a Red Carpet School. A Red Carpet School is defined as school that "does an outstanding job of creating a family-friendly school environment and providing excellent customer service," according to the State Department of Education.

Please take the time to visit the following websites. Each school in Mauldin has a lot to offer each generation of children. Current announcements for parents and children can be found on each website.

Please visit the Greenville County Public School Website for more information about Mauldin’s excellent school system.

Higher Education

The upstate of South Carolina offers nationally recognized colleges and universities within and in close proximity to Mauldin.

Also offered within minutes of Mauldin is a unique gathering of higher learning institutions from all over the state of South Carolina. The University Center of Greenville has offices of seven South Carolina Universities in one location. 

For those wanting to venture across the state for higher education, the State of South Carolina offers many public and private colleges and universities.


Private Schools in Greenville County

Several private schools are located in or around Mauldin and within Greenville County. Please visit each school’s website for more information.