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The City of Mauldin is well known for its great youth programs and the large number of participants. Mauldin Recreation offers youth programs for those interested in baseball, softball, football, basketball, Lacrosse, flag football, and cheerleading.

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Sports League Information
*Birth Certificates Required for all Sports Programs.

Boys & Girls |  Ages 8-13
Registration: January 1st - February 11th
Season: March - May
Fee: $75 (in-city)  |  $95 (out-of-city)

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(Ages 4-12) (Age as of May 1st 2018 for Baseball) (Age as of January 1st of 2018 for Softball)
Registration: January 1st - February 11th
(Ages 13-14)
Registration: February 12th - March 5th
Season:  February - May 
Fee: $75 (in-city)  |  $95 (out-of-city)

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Fall Softball / Baseball
Softball - Coach Pitch, 9-10 KP, 11-12 KP   /    Baseball - Coaches Pitch, Minors, Majors, and 13-14 Boys
Ages: 6 - 12 (Softball)   6 - 14 (Baseball)

Registration: July 3rd - July 23rd
Season: August - October

Fee: $65 

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Ages 6-14  |  August - October
Mauldin usually fields 10 Cheerleading squads.

Cheer Information


Flag Football
Ages 5-14 (Age as of September 1st 2018)
Registration: February 12th - March 4th
Fee: $50 (in-city)  |  $70 (out-of-city)
Season: March - May

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Golden Strip Football League
Ages 6-12  (Must present a copy of the child's birth certificate to the rec department)
Registration:  June 5th - July 2nd
Season: July - October
Fee: $75 (in-city)  |  $95 (out-of-city)
Mauldin has an In-house league with all teams from Mauldin playing together. Mauldin usually has 16 teams participating.

Information  |  Heat Guidelines  |  Rules  |  Conduct  |  Golden Strip Football League Standings  |  8U Schedules |  10U Schedules  |  12U Schedules  |  8U Gold Bracket  |  8U Silver Bracket  |  10U Gold Bracket  |  10U Silver Bracket  |  12U Gold Bracket  |  12U Silver Bracket  |  SCAP 8U Bracket  |  SCAP 10U Bracket  |  SCAP 12U Bracket



Ages 6-12 (September 1st is the birthdate cut off)
Registration: October 16th - November 12th
Season: November - February

Fee: $50 (in-city)  |  $70 (out-of-city)
The Mauldin Basketball Program is an In-House League with around 30 teams participating each year. The program is offered for both girls and boys. The teams are Co-ed.

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Youth SportsMauldin Miracle League
Ages 4-19
A baseball league for children with mental or physical disabilities. Find more information at


Wheelchair Softball
The Mauldin Maulers are a softball team comprised of adults in Wheelchairs. All games are played at Sunset Park.

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