No More Glass - Important Changes to Recycling Program

Posted by George 03/04/2016

While Glass No Longer Accepted; Mauldin Remains Committed to Providing Cost Effective Recycling Program


MAULDIN, SC – Effective starting March 21st, The City of Mauldin is no longer accepting glass with any recyclables.

Significant changes in the recycling marketplace, including premium charges that effectively double the cost of recycling glass to taxpayers, have resulted in some businesses and local governments not accepting glass. 

Mayor Dennis Raines stated, “We are committed to finding a solution to this issue that doesn’t pass the cost on to our citizens. Providing a recycling program is important to our community. It has many benefits including the reduction in landfill costs as well as environmental benefits. This remains a priority to the City and a solution for the glass is something we will continue to work on.” 

In late 2015 the City’s primary vendor for processing recyclables closed its doors, forcing Mauldin and many other Upstate cities to seek another avenue to discard of recyclable material. The previous vendor compensated the City $10/ton of recyclable material. New vendors now charge a fee of $15/ton to the taxpayers to process the same material, including glass. By eliminating glass, the City can save $10/ton, and be charged just $5/ton for non-glass recyclable material.

The City of Mauldin has contacted another company and evaluated options pertaining to recycling in order to find a solution to these changes. Alternate solutions would raise the cost to citizens to over $40/ton of recyclable materials if glass were included.

The change reflects a trend in the recycling market nationwide. As the value of recycled glass declines and the efforts to separate and clean the material increase, it has become a burden on most companies to process glass. Glass also breaks easily, infiltrating non-glass recyclables and therefore making some cardboard or plastic renewables less valuable in the process. Ultimately, the cost to process glass has outpaced its value in the marketplace at this time, making it difficult for municipalities to find companies willing to process the material at a rate that keeps the burden low for taxpayers.

The City of Mauldin will continue to collect other recyclable materials as normal and this change will not impact weekly trash or recycling pick up schedules. 

Please be aware of the March 21st deadline and be sure to exclude any glass from recyclables as the City of Mauldin works towards finding the right solution.