Mauldin Takes Key Steps to Encourage a Real Downtown

This city of 25,000, which has grown by 66 percent since 2000 but has no downtown, now has the legal foundation for a pedestrian-friendly urban village in its midst.

In a series of unanimous votes late Monday, Mauldin City Council members approved four changes to the city's zoning laws that are a throwback to an age before cars dominated daily life. 

Stores and homes will be able to exist side by side or in the same building; storefronts will be able to extend right up to sidewalks; anyone building new commercial structures now has an avenue to justify smaller parking lots; and developers now have an incentive to build structures with peaked roofs and articulated facades.

"With these votes, the council has taken steps toward urban-village style zoning," Mauldin City Administrator Trey Eubanks said Monday. ...

More broadly, Eubanks said the flexibility that council members introduced into the city's zoning laws on Monday is not restricted just to the downtown area.

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