Mauldin, Simpsonville residents struggle with flood aftermath


Homes along Gilder Creek sustained major damage

Two moldy cars — a Ford Taurus and a Honda Civic — sit in Mary Breihan’s driveway. The vehicles serve as a visual reminder of the recent floods that left her and many others in dire straits.

“I was just about to sell both of them,” Breihan said. In the back yard, mosquitoes hover over a drained swimming pool and a flattened greenhouse. And just down the street, sits a huge pile of furniture and garbage bags filled with personal items she threw away.

“That was my third pile,” she said. “I have lost so much.”

Her neighbor, Charlie McNeil, was also hit hard. It was a rainy, humid afternoon when McNeil stood in the middle of his kitchen — amid moldy furniture, rotted walls and washed-out appliances — recalling the day the heavy rains left him devastated.