Mauldin seeks builder for new downtown

Mauldin Community Development Director, Van Broad, released the city's vision for a walkable, mixed-used downtown. The request for proposals (RFP) released is the latest in a series of steps the city has taken to transform its city center. It targets a 24.5-acre area dominated by City Hall, small businesses fronting Main Street and a 3.5-acre storage unit facility.

Mauldin's mayor said that after years of waiting, he now wants something to happen fast.

"This is our chance to turn talk into action and brick and mortar," Mauldin Mayor Dennis Raines said.

Mauldin does not have a traditional downtown like Greenville, Greer or Fountain Inn, so most of the structures for the village concept, as shown in city renderings, would be new. The concept is generally popular among business owners and residents who have attended recent council meetings.

In the RFP, city officials offer qualified real-estate development teams a chance to enter a public-private partnership with Mauldin to acquire and redevelop all 24.5 acres, 11.1 acres of which the city owns.

"The objective for this project is to create a high-quality, medium-to-high density/intensity mixed-use, urban village project," the RFP says.

The RFP outlines the city's vision for its downtown: connectivity to the city’s Cultural Center, featured civic amenities, and parking and traffic control, among other things.

"The successful development team will deliver a project mix that serves the commercial, office, hospitality, cultural and residential needs of a growing community," it says.

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