Mauldin Recognized as #1 Healthiest Housing Market in SC

Posted by George 06/09/2016

The City of Mauldin is thrilled to announce its recognition as the #1 healthiest housing market in South Carolina, according to a published by financial advising website SmartAsset. The city of Mauldin also made the list at #3 as one of the easiest places to sell a home in South Carolina.

SmartAsset’s list conducted these studies using their interactive Healthy Housing Markets Map calculator, and taking into consideration the cities stability, affordability, fluidity and risk of loss factors. You can read the full study here.

To find the cities with the Healthiest Housing Market and easiest ability to sell a home, the company searched for the overall healthiest markets and looked at a variety of factors, including:

Average Years Living in Home

Average Homes with Negative Equity

Homes Decreasing in Value

Average Days on Market

Home Cost as % of Income

Healthiest Markets/ Ease of Sale Index

Mayor Dennis Raines stated, “We are thrilled that the City of Mauldin has been recognized as the top healthiest housing market in South Carolina and as one of the easiest cities to sell a home. We are so grateful for those who already call our great city home and for those new residents buying houses that are choosing to call our great city home. We hope to continue to work towards excellence and make the City of Mauldin the best it can be for our citizens!”