Mauldin Problematic Flood Areas


The following areas may be problematic and prone to flooding. If you are in any of these areas, please follow best practices (

  1. Hamby Drive - Drainage issues between Holston Drive and Green Pond Road. Note: This is a SCDOT roadway.
  2. Corn Road – Potential flooding at bridge between high school and new development.
  3. Old Mill Road – Potential flooding at bridge between Libby Lane and East Butler Road. Note: City of Mauldin and ReWa have exposed DIP sewer lines crossing the creek at this location. The roadway inside the trailer park has been washed away in past weather.
  4. Libby Lane – Potential flooding along entire length of roadway. History of flooding behind the Cameo Court area off of Libby Lane.
  5. Bishop Drive – History of drainage issues at the lower end of this roadway. Possible additional drainage issues within the subdivision.
  6. Holly Springs – Potential flooding issues with creek that flows behind Beechwood, Blackgum and Brookbend Courts. Potential flood issues along creek as it flows along Brookbend Road between Holly Springs and Hill Place subdivisions. There are exposed DIP sewer lines crossing the creek below the culs-de-sac at Beechwood, Blackgum and Brookbend Courts and one crossing the creek between Holly Springs and Hill Place subdivisions below the cul-de-sac for Hill Lane.
  7. Barrett Drive – Potential flooding where creek flows beneath bridge. There is an exposed DIP sewer line suspended beneath bridge.
  8. Paisley Court – History of flooding at the bridge.
  9. East Creek Bridge on East Butler Road – History of flooding at this location. There is a possibility that the ReWa manholes in the grassy area on north side of bridge may become submerged and raw sewage may escape.
  10. Intersection of Murray Drive and Miller Road – Existing drainage issue. History of flooding.
  11. Intersection of Murray Drive and North Main Street – Existing drainage issue that has yielded flooding along the east side of North Main during heavy rains. Note: This is a SCDOT roadway.
  12. Adams Mill Road – History of flooding where creek flows beneath bridge.
  13. Intersection of West Golden Strip Drive and Adams Mill Road – Existing drainage issue. History of roadway flooding.
  14. Forrester Woods, Farm and Creek Subdivisions - Creek running along east side of Miller Road could flood as it flows just east of the Forrester Woods Estates, Forrester Farm and Forrester Creek subdivisions.
  15. Forrester Woods Subdivision - Overcreek Road, Rockbridge Road and Creekwood Court have experienced creek overflow issues in the past.