Mauldin - Home to Big Name Call Centers

06/07/2017 Categories: economic development

In the City of Mauldin, a striking feature of the economy has emerged over the past 17 years.

Near the intersection of Interstate 385 and Butler Road, at least nine companies — most of them big corporations with recognized brand names — have opened or announced call centers or similar kinds of back-office operations such as loan-processing centers that primarily involve rote or routine tasks.

The cluster of facilities where more than 3,000 people work, or will soon work, began in 2000, when Ford Credit announced a loan-processing center in the Brookfield office park.

The next year, Verizon Wireless launched call center operations in the same office park.

In 2002, Charter Communications began call center work in an office building along I-385, not far from the intersection with Butler Road.

Seven years later, Samsung Electronics America announced a call center within eyesight of the Charter offices.

In 2012, Global Lending Services, an auto finance company, opened a call center in Brookfield. Two years later, Esurance, an Allstate subsidiary that sells insurance over the internet, announced a sales and claims office in Brookfield.

Last year, two more companies announced call centers in Brookfield: Morley, which is helping an unidentified customer provide roadside assistance, and Anyone Home, which serves property managers in the housing market.

The cluster grew again in February when BB&T announced plans to relocate more than 600 mortgage-processing jobs from downtown Greenville into a new office building along Butler Road near I-385.

The same day, Verizon Wireless said it would add 260 call center jobs to its existing facility in Brookfield.

And more call center jobs may be on the way.

Morley said it’s planning to open a second location in the Mauldin area as its regional business grows, and Global Lending Services said it intends to expand within Brookfield in June.

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