Mauldin Fire Dept. Receives Award

06/13/2017 Categories: Fire

On Friday evening, May 26th, Chief Bill Stewart attended the graduation ceremony for the Golden Strip Career Center students, where the Mauldin Fire Department was awarded the  Greenville County Schools  - 2017 Community Partner of the Year Award. 

The firefighters at Mauldin Fire Department have an ongoing partnership, where the Fire Fighting Technology students interact and train with the career firefighters. This second half of this school year, the relationship was expanded to include a co-op program for the seniors, where the students spent their “in class” time assigned to various stations getting acclimated to fire station shift life.

The Golden Strip Career Center students are also included as members of the Mauldin Fire Department Explorer post and have participated in various activities including the national Winterfest Explorer competition in Gatlinburg, TN.