Mauldin among best places for pizza lovers

04/18/2017 Categories: business development

LendEDU has created the “Best Places for Pizza Lovers” list. The list evaluates thousands of towns and cities throughout the United States to rank the 500 best places in the U.S. for pizza lovers. Mauldin, SC ranked #26! 

Using licensed data, LendEDU was able to find the exact amount of pizza places in each town and city in the entire country. Only towns that had a population above 10,000 and at least five pizza shops were analyzed.

"The ingredients are simple, but the taste is undeniably delicious. Pizza is a beloved staple in the United States of America."

Once the number of pizza shops in each town and city was found, LendEDU divided that number by the respective city’s population to develop the LendEDU Pizza Indicator. The Pizza Indicator is representative of how many pizza places exist per person in a specific place. A higher Pizza Indicator score meant a better ranking on the list and vice versa.

The 500 towns and cities included on LendEDU’s “Best Places for Pizza Lovers” list are the 500 towns where residents and visitors have the most options to satisfy their hunger for pizza, with the least amount of lines.

Article and rankings by LendEDU  |  Check the Rankings