Making Mauldin Work: Officer Shaun Garrison

03/20/2017 Categories: Police

Officer Shaun Garrison has been employed with the Mauldin Police Department since October 2013. He currently serves as the department’s animal control officer and the property and evidence clerk. 

Prior to starting with the Mauldin Police Department, Officer Garrison served as an animal control officer with the City of Greenville, an animal control officer with the City of Albuquerque, and a corrections officer with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. During his time with the MPD, he has been a model employee, both excelling in his assigned position and receiving numerous praises by both coworkers and community members on his professionalism. 

In 2014, Officer Garrison was nominated by his peers as the MPD’s Officer of the Year. Thank you, Officer Garrison, for Making Mauldin Work!