Ice Cream at Historic Gosnell Cabin

Mauldin Cultural Center Spring & Summer Excitement!

In the year, 2000; Serge and Kristy Guillot brought ICE CREAM to the City of Simpsonville as they opened the “Ice Cream Station” in downtown at the Clock Tower!

When asked about the status of “foot traffic” in downtown Simpsonville at the Mauldin City Council Committee Meeting, our Community Development Economic Planner, David Dyrhaug responded prior to the opening of the Ice Cream Station there was basically none except a person parking to go to the shop they needed and back in the car to leave!

As the Ice Cream Station Owner, Serge answered questions in the Mauldin City Council Committee Meeting on Monday night, 5/1; he responded that crowd has grown from none in 2000 quickly in a year to thousands!! And now in their 7th year of operation; they would estimate closer to 10,000 (in a week!)

You may have guessed by now about the excitement for Mauldin!! The Guillots have applied to the City of Mauldin to open a second location of the Ice Cream Station this Summer on the Campus of the Mauldin Cultural Center in the Log Cabin! Of course, there are many hurtles to be crossed with permitting and preserving the exterior look of the cabin as we envision ICE CREAM being served there!!

The City Council Recreation Committee asked some of the same questions about the “foot traffic” for the Log Cabin of Community Development Director, Van Broad at this same meeting . His response was maybe 2-3 people, if that many per week! But, he added; if there is a concert or event; the log cabin has been opened for people to walk through. However, the enjoyment and positive usage of the cabin for our families will totally enhance the atmosphere of all that is happening for the Spring and Summer and Fall and yes, Christmas for 2017 and beyond!!

Just imagine 1,000 people starting to come through the Campus of the Cultural Center to enjoy and ice cream and relax in another surprise that is forthcoming!!

Our Mauldin Rotary Club has been raising funds for several years toward a playground area for the Cultural Center Campus until the new proposal for the Ice Cream Station was put “on the table”! Now, there is complete funding for the new proposal for a Mauldin Rotary Family Area with picnic tables for children and ADA and Adults and benches to sit and enjoy your ice cream and enjoy family times!! Along with this, comes another surprise!! Another very, very generous donation has come from Dr. George Bomar, honorary Rotarian and prominent Community and County contributor toward education and families for a large Picnic Shelter to be located adjacent to new playground areas that are also forthcoming this year!! The picnic shelter will be the George Bomar Family Picnic Shelter! This will be booked through our Cultural Center Director, Keira Kitchings once it is up and operational!

Are you excited yet about our City? Well, we should be! There is a lot of behind-the-scenes planning and discussions and fund-raising and hard work taking place to bring this all into reality!

In fact, the Mauldin City Council Committee Meeting met for over 4 Hours Monday night, 5/1 with discussions about so many important decisions for the progress and future of our City and Equipment and Staffing and Budgeting! If you have not attended a public Committee Meeting; mark your calendar to attend the 1st Monday at 6 pm each month! And, the public Mauldin City Council meetings are the 3rd Monday each month at 7 pm! We want to get out and support the growth and prosperity we see possible in just these few items being handled to bring more enjoyment for our families and all ages to our Mauldin Cultural Center!!

As of tonight, the Lease Agreement for the Cabin by the owners of the Ice Cream Station has been approved by Committee to be taken to full Council on May 15th! We want to continue to see progress and timely decisions to make this become a reality for us to enjoy “this summer”!

When owner, Serge Guillot was asked his opinion about the process and coming to Mauldin; he commented, “We are so thankful to be considered to make this 2nd location become a reality for the people of Mauldin and for us! And, we are looking forward to training our workers who have applied from Mauldin High School to be a part of our new staff in Mauldin”! (the owners use high school students from the local city high school!)

We say, Mauldin is about to enjoy a super terrific summer of Concerts on Friday, Saturday morning Farmers Market with Children’s Activity Area provided; and Train Shows in the Fall and 12 Days of Christmas! Clear those calendars to get reacquainted with your Community and spending time with your family without driving to other cities!

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