History of Mauldin

Below is a timeline of some major milestones in Mauldin's past:

1784 - Benjamin Griffith was granted 100 acres, becoming one of the earliest known settlers in the area now called "Mauldin".

1868 - The area became known as "Butler's Corners" and "Butler's Crossroads", after Willis William Butler purchased a home at the town's only crossroads (Laurens Road & Reedy River Road).

1869 - Land was transferred to Mauldin Episcopal Church, later known as Poplar Springs.  The same site, though the original buildings are gone, currently houses Mauldin United Methodist Church.

1879 - Reedy River Baptist Church was built.  The Church still exists today, though in new facilities.

1886 - Mauldin Train Depot is built in the Butler's Crossroads Community, named after Lt. Gov. W.L. Mauldin who helped bring the railroad through the community.

December 24, 1890 - The Town of Mauldin receives its first charter, also named after Lt. Gov. W.L. Mauldin.

1904 - Mauldin First Baptist Church established.

February 14, 1910 - Mauldin reincorporates and elects its first Mayor, A.L. Holland.

1922 - A new school was built on East Butler Road.  The school would be destroyed by fire in 1935.

1932 - The Town of Mauldin's charter was revoked at the request of Mayor W.E. Murray, as a result of extreme hardships faced during the Great Depression.

1937 - Mauldin School, replacing the older destroyed school, is built as a part of the WPA program.  The facility housed 2-12 grades.  In 1957, it became Mauldin Elementary School.  In 2003, the City of Mauldin purchased the facility and repurposed the building as the Mauldin Cultural Center.

1953 - Greenville Water lines were first installed in Mauldin along Laurens Road.  The delivery of water sparked a new name for the area stretching from Mauldin to Fountain Inn -- "The Golden Strip".

1956 - US 276 was built from Greenville to Columbia, coming straight through the center of Mauldin.

May 28, 1957 - The Town of Mauldin reincorporated yet again.

1958 - Mauldin's first fire department, made of all volunteers, was formed.  The first fire truck was soon purchased.

1961 - Mauldin's first City Hall was built.

1969 - Mauldin's status was upgraded from a Town to a City.

1973 - Mauldin High School was built.

1979 - Mauldin approves funding to build the Ray Hopkins Senior Center.

1988 - Brookfield Business Park is opened in Mauldin.

1999 - Mauldin Middle School is opened.

2000 - A new $3.7m City Hall is constructed.

2002 - New Mauldin Elementary School opens.

2004 - The City purchases the original Mauldin School building to repurpose as the Mauldin Cultural Center.

2007 - The Mauldin Sports Center is opened.