Greenville Water Announces Upcoming Projects that May Affect You

04/07/2014 Categories: public works

Greenville Water has announced new projects to replace the aging water mains which currently provide service to the community. The scope of the project includes installation of 6 inch water mains along the following: 

  • approximately 1100 linear feet along Basswood¬†
  • approximatley 1700 linear feet along Forrester Creek & Pigeon Point
  • approximatley 1300 linear feet along Mauldin Circle
  • approximately 1700 linear feet along Old Hickory Point & Boulder Road

Construction is scheduled to begin in approximately 2-5 weeks. Construction activities will generally take place between 8:30AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. Weekend work is not planned but may be necessary to expedite the project. Upon completion of the water main installation, restoration of street surfaces, landscaping and grasses areas will be completed by Greenville Water crews or their contractor.

You can view the project notices and maps here.