First Responders Get "Served"

05/15/2017 Categories: Fire Police

Our Mauldin First Responders Get “SERVED”! 

Sunday Lunch time was a different experience on Sunday, April 30th if you were a Mauldin City Firefighter or a Mauldin City Policeman! Instead of serving others, as they usually do; the staff and church family of First Baptist Church of Mauldin treated them to a Cookout on the grounds of City Hall! The Burgers and Hot Dogs were grilled on site and the church families brought all the “fixins’ “ to add to the meal!!

Tables and folding chairs had been set up on the grounds at City Hall and anyone driving by might think there was a special event happening! Well, there was!! This was a day to recognize our Mauldin First Responders and serve them their food to show our respect and compassion and appreciation for the jobs they do so courageously each and every day!

Senior Pastor, Wade Leonard shared how he walked around introducing himself to many of the First Responders and met many he had not met before! He was able to offer his personal thanks to them and they, in turn were able to meet him. When other details were asked of Pastor Wade, he said he was not involved in all the logistics; but fully supported this effort to show the appreciation from the Church!

The organizers for this event were one of the Mission Team Leaders, Roycie Wasser and Student Pastor, Austin Gibbons. She made the contacts to arrange the date and how many to expect from the City; and they organized the efforts from the Church to ensure there was plenty of food and people to come and get to know their Police and Firefighters better! The Church cooker and the “grill masters” were on hand to get those burgers and dogs just right for their guests!! Roycie shared it was even very important to the organizers for the event to be held at the City Hall Campus where these folks work, rather than have the event in one of our City Parks!

Chief Bryan Turner, MPD and Chief Bill Stewart, MFD shared their folks were very pleased and honored to be asked to participate in this special day! Since the church has an MPD on Security Duty each Sunday morning; they felt it was appropriate to honor them in this way!

There was a great turnout from both the MPD Officers and from the Mauldin Firefighters! There was also a huge turnout of families and all generations from the Church who wanted to show their respect and appreciation! Of course, it was a little awkward at first, but the food to enjoy always breaks the barriers and brings people together with an ease of communication!

The efforts by the Church were called “Intergenerational” as the Youth and Parents handled setting up and cleaning up; while the other ages brought the food and desserts that everyone enjoyed!

As one of the officers shared, “it is comforting in today’s world to see there are people who care and respect our Firefighters and Police who are trying to keep us safe!

And, as a P.S. on safety; Mauldin is the First Safest City ranked in South Carolina!!