Making the Vision a Reality

The City of Mauldin was the fastest growing municipality in Greenville County between 1980 and 2000. Mauldin has almost doubled its population during the last twenty years. This population increase is a result of many of Mauldin's many positive attributes. It is recognized as being a great place to live, work, and raise a family. However, if Mauldin continues to grow as expected, the city must be prepared to maintain and enhance the quality of life its citizens expect.
Cultural Center
Over five years ago, the Greenville County School District decided to replace the aging Mauldin Elementary School with a new school. The original one-story portion of the facility was built in 1937 with a two-story addition completed in 1967. Community leaders recognized a unique opportunity to save the only building of any historic value remaining in the community. The City began a dialogue with the School District to assure that this building and the surrounding grounds would remain a valued part of the Mauldin Community. The City acquired the building and campus for $1,250,000 in 2004.

City Council created the "Mauldin Cultural Center Advisory Board" to evaluate the prospects of turning the school into a community cultural arts facility. This board, along with many community leaders, played a critical role in developing community support for the project. Their initial efforts resulted in the completion of the "Mauldin Cultural Center Feasibility Study & Master plan" developed by DP3 Architects and Planners of Greenville. This master plan remains the guiding force behind the community's plan to develop this complex.

Since the Sports Center was completed and several of the rooms at the Cultural Center were renovated, the City of Mauldin has worked with Clemson University, Neal Prince Architects and Arbor Engineering to update the master plan. Those updated plans can be seen below:

Mauldin Cultural Center Auditorium Renovations

Landscaping Plan City Center Park

The Cultural Center Board and it's Executive Director now operate the Mauldin Cultural Center. It is now home to the Mauldin Chamber of Commerce and many other civic organizations. The facility is used to host art classes, art shows, ballroom dancing classes and many other cultural activities. The Cultural Center Board also has a summer and fall concert series in the amphitheater. For more information on the Mauldin Cultural Center check out their website at mauldin cultural center.

The common unifying theme of this development is to preserve and promote the historical and cultural assets of the Mauldin community. As appropriate, the Center will preserve and display historical artifacts unique to Mauldin and the region. The development of "Mauldin City Center" will involve a partnership between government and the private sector. Initial plans call for the City of Mauldin to purchase the property and building from the School District and to build the Recreation Center. The Mauldin Cultural Center Foundation, a non-profit organization, will raise funds for the renovation of the old school and the development of the Cultural Center.

The success of this endeavor depends on the participation of everyone in the community. This project will offer the promotion of and public access to a variety of art, cultural, and recreational activities for residents and visitors alike. Mauldin City Center will become the hub of activities in the Mauldin community. It will compliment our existing resources while providing limitless opportunities for residents and visitors of Mauldin, where we continue to "Expect Great Things."