Community Artist Program



The Community Artist Program was created in an effort to devlop a well-informed and involved artist workforce in Mauldin, one artist at a time.  The objective of the program is to engage artists and/or arts leaders in the community by providing opportunities to experience, learn and participate in various aspects of their community.  This program is recommended for artists and/or arts leaders who wish to discover how their community works and how the arts play a central role in our society.  Through attendance involvement in various arts events, public meetings and community outreach, each participant will learn, first-hand, how to promote the arts in a more cohesive and community-minded way.  Each session is curated to the participant, so no two sessions are alike nor will each participant have the same exact experience.  For instance, a participant focused on opening a gallery or venue will learn more about the local business landscape than a participant focused on performing or displaying their work in Mauldin.

Participants are expected to use the skills, connections and knowledge gained from this program in their artistic endeavors and will be relied upon to maintain an active presence in the community after the conclusion of their session.  Please read through all elements of the program before you apply.  Application forms are at the end of this page.


The program is open to any artist or arts industry employee that is either a Mauldin resident, working in the field and/or producing art in Mauldin, or looking to expand their work into the Mauldin market; and who meets at least one of the criteria below:

  • Working Artist (full time)
  • Practicing Artist (part-time / using art for commercial gain)
  • Teacher / Instructor (school / private)
  • Employee of arts organization (with approval from organization)
  • Considering opening a small arts-related business in Mauldin

Participants must also have the following attributes:

  • Passion for all art
  • An interest in community development
  • Ability to commit time for select meetings plus occasional travel around the community
  • Be personable and open to new ideas
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Be Inquisitive


Time / Schedule

The OCA will host no more than two (2) sessions every year, each session allowing a maximum of two (2) participants.  Each session lasts no more than three (3) months.  The exact schedule will change with each session and based on individual participant interests and availability.  There will typically be at least one meeting/event every week.  

Components / Activities / Sample Events

Each session will be different, but each participant will be expected to attend the following types of events though the exact number will be dependent upon availability:

  • City Council Meetings (1 or 2)
  • Chamber of Commerce Events (1 or 2)
  • Public Meeting (i.e. public hearing, commission meeting, presentation)
  • Conduct a workshop, class, exhibit or performance
  • Participate in a "From the Desk" or "From the Stage" episode (online video series)
  • Participate in SC Arts Advocacy Day (February only) or meet with local legislators
  • Review various reports/studies on the arts industry
  • Become familiar with Mauldin's community development plans
  • Attend at least one arts event in another community
  • Volunteer for Cultural Center event



At the end of the session, each participant should be able to produce items such as the following (again, each participant will be different):

  • Guest post on the OCA's blog
  • Feature on OCA website, newsletter and press release issued to local media
  • Formulate unique "advocacy message"
  • Develop new ideas on how to incorporate the arts into the Mauldin community
  • If applicable, the knowledge and/or toos to create a new arts-based business
  • Participation in future community meetings and arts events




First session slated to begin January or February of 2014.