City of Mauldin named a top enterprise-friendly city

Palmetto Promise Institute lists Mauldin as #2 Enterprise-Friendly City

BB&T. Verizon Wireless. MP Husky. Over the past few weeks Mauldin has been highly favored with announcements of corporations that are locating to and expanding within Mauldin. This week the Palmetto Promise Institute released some rankings that support this surge of business activity that is taking place in Mauldin. The Palmetto Promise Institute—a non-profit research organization based in South Carolina—ranked South Carolina cities that ensure business success and protect the entrepreneurial spirit. Mauldin’s overall score was the second highest in South Carolina.

In the face of an increasingly competitive global marketplace, a community’s ability to attract and retain businesses plays an absolutely vital role for a healthy economy. With their report, the Palmetto Promise Institute attempts to fill a void. Adam Crain, a research assistant for the Palmetto Promise Institute, remarked, “Numerous reports have been produced throughout the years comparing states to one another in terms of attractiveness to business. We were surprised to find out, however, that no such comparisons exist among cities within South Carolina.”

The report conducted by the Palmetto Promise Institute examined a number of factors: Which cities have the best tax policies? Which cities boast better costs of living and low crime rates? Which cities are experiencing more consistent population and job growth? These questions and more are answered in this report.  

Buoyed by a low business tax burden, relatively high median per-capita income and comparatively good schools, Mauldin scored a total of 75.07 points out of a possible 100. Mauldin leaders recognize how important these factors and similar economic efforts are to the wealth and well being of the community.

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