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Strong City Management

  • Standard & Poor's Rating Services General Obligation Bond Rating: AA+
    Bond ratings reflect, among other things, a strong budgetary performance, strong liquidity, and strong management conditions.
  • Government Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement: Excellence in Financial Reporting
    The City of Mauldin has been awarded this honor for sixteen (16) years in a row.
  • Fire Department ISO Rating: 2
    An "ISO" rating ranks levels of service for fire departments across the country. The higher the rating ("1" being the highest), the higher the level of service.  Higher ratings can also mean lower insurance premiums for home and business owners.
  • Police Department Accreditation: CALEA (international accreditation) and State of South Carolina
    Our Police Department undergoes rigorous certifications and accreditations to maintain one of the highest levels of service in the state.