City Council Meeting

Monday, April 17, 2017
7:00 PM
8:00 PM
City Hall



APRIL 17, 2017 


1. Call to order. 

a. Invocation

b. Pledge of Allegiance 

c. Welcome- Mayor Raines 

2. Proclamations and Presentations-Mauldin Chamber; National Day of Prayer  

3. Reading and approval of minutes.- Council minutes March 20, 2017 

4. Public Comment. 

5. Report from City Administrator 

6. Reports from Standing Committees 

a. Public Safety (Chairman Crosby)  

b. Public Works (Chairman Goodson)  

c. Economic Planning and Development (Chairman Matney) 

d. Building Codes (Chairman Black) 

e. Recreation (Chairman Merritt) 

f. Finance and Policy (Chairwoman King) 

7. Unfinished Business 

a. Consideration and action on creation of a Human Resources Department (Finance) 

b. Consideration and action on update of International Fire Codes (Public Safety)  

c. Consideration and action on landscape ordinance amendment (Building Codes) 

8. New Business 

a. Consideration and action on Planning Commission applicants (Building Codes) 

b. Consideration and action on dogs in parks (Rec) 

c. Consideration and action on vehicle policy (Finance) 

d. Consideration and action on fund balance allocation (Finance) 

9. Public Comment 

10. Consideration and action on executive session pertaining to SC Code 30-4- 70 

(a) (1)- Discussion of employment, appointment, compensation, promotion, demotion, discipline or release of an employee.- Recreation matter 

11. Possible action on items discussed in executive session 

 12. Council requests 

 13. Adjournment.