Cities use food to build community

07/21/2017 Categories: events Mauldin Cultural Center

In the City of Mauldin, mobile cooking demonstrations by an area restaurant will show visitors to the city farmers market how to turn the fresh, local produce for sale there into healthy meals.

"The local aspect of it is when you show people that it's really easy to cook with fresh ingredients, and they find out at the market that those ingredients are extremely accessible — you can grab 'em and make (meal) plans for the weekend and week — it connects them with those farmers," said Keira Kitchings, director of Mauldin Cultural Center, which is part of city government.

Last year the owner of a restaurant and catering business in nearby Greenville brought his mobile burners and equipment to the market and gave demonstrations.

"They go around and look at what vendors are selling that day and come up with recipes on the fly," said Kitchings.

"Last year, they created this really easy and really healthy dish that people could do themselves. It shows people, 'Hey, find some local ingredients and find 10 minutes of time, and you've got dinner.'"

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