Building Codes Committee to Discuss Short Term Rentals at Meeting

07/10/2018 Categories: business development

On July 2, 2018, the Building Codes Committee reviewed revisions to the draft Short Term Rental ordinance.  The Committee voted to send the draft ordinance to the Planning Commission for their review and  a recommendation to Council.   The Mauldin Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on this topic at their regularly scheduled meeting, July 24th, 2018, at 6:00pm.  The City encourages anyone interested in the proposed regulations for Short Term and Long Term Rentals  to attend the meeting.  A staff report and draft ordinance regarding this matter have been made available to the public.

During the October Council meeting and again at the November Business & Development Services Committee meeting, residents spoke during the public comment section about the ongoing issues on Pine Gate Drive as it related to suspicious activity. Residents in the areas attribute their problem to a home being rented out on nightly basis. Residents expressed concern over nightly tenants trespassing on their property, as well as, illegal parking and blocked driveways. One complainant even discussed ongoing safety concerns occurring at the designated school bus stop, due to parents having issues with “unknown persons” being around the location. 

During the April Council meeting, another group of residents from the Pine Forest neighborhood spoke during the public comment section about an issue several neighbors had with the occupants of a short term rental in the neighborhood. Council informed the citizens that staff were completing a draft of the ordinance that would be reviewed by the Building Codes Committee.

Following the Council meeting the City Administrator and Director of Business and Development Services met with property owners who operate the short term rentals in the Pine Forest neighborhood. A draft of a proposed ordinance will be presented at the July committee meeting regarding this matter.