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Mauldin seeks Sewer Supervisor 

Apply by May 19th!
05/02/2017 Categories: public works
The City of Mauldin is looking for an applicant whose job it will be to supervise crews, work on sewer projects in the city, and to perform other technical, administrative and supervisory work as required. Minimum four years’ experience with... read more

Recycle Your Christmas Tree 

01/11/2017 Categories: public works
Need to recycle your Christmas tree? No problem! Simply remove all decorations, lights, garland and tinsel and drop it off at Springfield Park. The City of Mauldin will take it from there! read more

FEMA grants should help Mauldin residents in flood area 

08/25/2016 Categories: Finance public works
"Mauldin City Council has approved accepting a pair of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant projects that will allow the city to pursue purchasing and making changes to those damaged properties." - Greenville News | Read the Article read more

Successful Recycling Program Keeps Costs Down in Mauldin 

Posted by Olivia 07/14/2014 Categories: Finance public works
Recycling has many environmental benefits including pollution reduction and fewer landfills but these benefits translate into economic benefits as well. Landfills are no longer empty holes to to simply fill with trash. Many regulations are in place... read more

Greenville Water Announces Upcoming Projects that May Affect You 

04/07/2014 Categories: public works
Greenville Water has announced new projects to replace the aging water mains which currently provide service to the community. The scope of the project includes installation of 6 inch water mains along the following:  approximately 1100 linear... read more

2014 Garbage Collection Schedule for Holidays 

01/08/2014 Categories: public works

Please print this schedule out for reference and share with your neighbors. 

What to do with your Christmas Tree? 

12/30/2013 Categories: public works recreation
Look for this sign at Springfield Park or Sunset Park. Leave your tree in the designated space between now and January 15th. Mauldin Public Works will dispose of it for you.  Happy New Year! read more